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Sinfonia fund range: 10 years on, still going strong…

Issued: 15th June 2018

Sinfonia fund range: 10 years on, still going strong…

This year marks Sinfonia Asset Management’s 10-year anniversary. And it’s fair to say that, during our 10-year history, the investment landscape has undergone a period of immense change.

While the investment landscape has witnessed considerable change, some things have remained constant. In particular, Sinfonia’s strong commitment to remaining true to clients’ allocated risk banding. We’ve even managed to achieve this whilst reducing the price of our funds.

At the time of our inception in 2008, the investment world was still mired in the depths of the financial crisis that was set to reshape the financial environment. A new era of ultra-low interest rates was being heralded in, as central banks took unprecedented coordinated action to rescue the global financial system.

Indeed, the adoption of aggressive policy stimulus by both governments and central banks alongside tighter regulation has been a key feature of the changing investment landscape as policymakers have attempted to build greater resilience into the financial system.

Another key feature of the changing environment relates to asset allocation, with greater emphasis placed on strategies designed to reduce risk. As a result, diversification and targeting returns aligned to appetite for risk have become increasingly important strategies when selecting assets to invest in. This has therefore boosted the popularity of risk-targeted funds over the last decade.

As the Sinfonia fund range celebrates its 10th birthday it’s perhaps worth reflecting on why our funds have been so successful. And a key reason has undoubtedly been the fact that the funds were created in the wake of the financial crisis which has embedded a necessity to manage risk.

While the 10-year anniversary represents a proud milestone in our organisation’s history we certainly have no intention of resting on our laurels. Indeed, we will continue to adapt to the ever-changing investment landscape and strive to ensure the continuing strong performance right across our range of risk-targeted funds.

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